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27th Nov 2019
Letter from Gary Bloch, outgoing club President
18th Dec 2019

Exercising in the heat

Tis’ the festive season and the holidays have begun!

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Kids will be at the beach and we have a bit more time to fit in some exercise routines. Exercising in the heat places a significant amount of stress on the working muscles and thermoregulatory system, which puts us at risk for heat cramps, exhaustion and heat stroke.

Health risks whilst exercising….

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Heat Exhaustion manifests as fatigue, dizziness, nausea, rapid pulse, fainting, vomiting and is caused by severe dehydration.

Heatstroke can be life threatening and is caused by a core temperature exceeding 40 degrees and results in confusion, disorientation and unconsciousness. You need to cool whole body immediately (whole body immersion).

Heat cramps are severe, painful cramping of large muscles due to dehydration and can be prevented by Sodium and water intake.

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As Biokineticists, we help you exercise safely and strategically. If you have any concerns or injury related questions, consult KCC’s Biokineticists. Located at Gym on 5th.

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