Letter from Gary Bloch, outgoing club President
18th Dec 2019
Golf in 2020
20th Jan 2020

Letter from Tony Berlowitz, incoming club President

Dear Members

I am taking this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to the general committee for their faith shown in me by appointing me as president of Killarney Country Club, and also to introduce myself to those members who don’t know me.

I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to the outgoing president Gary Bloch on the sterling work done by him over the last 3 years when during a most difficult time, he stood up and took the responsibility of getting the club on an even footing to its current situation through dedication and hard work.

A big thank you must go out to the general committee whom I know are all very committed and hard working towards the continual benefit of the Killarney Country Club. The management who have been appointed, Kevin, Yanky and Barry and their assistants also do a fantastic job in this regard.

For those members who don’t know me I could best be described as a long standing member of the club who has served on a number of committees and management positions within the club over the years and I have always regarded the club as my second home.

I have a time slot at 12:04 on Saturdays which will always be open to 3 of our members who don’t mind a round of golf with a hacker and who would like to meet me personally and bend my ear with constructive criticism which will always be listened to and if possible taken into consideration and debated with my committee for action.

I would further like to thank all my friends and co-members who have phoned me to express congratulations and encouragement. There are just too many to mention by name but it would be appropriate for me to mention three stalwarts of the club, and who all played a special part in my club life. It was especially wonderful to speak to these three gentlemen and receive encouragement from them going forward.

I can assure all members that as your general committee, we will strive to make your experience as a member of the Killarney Country Club, and note the words “country club” as enjoyable and pleasant experience as possible. That is true for all the activities and sports which take place at the club. We look after all the sporting facilities and sports played with the same intentions.

I wish everybody a happy festive season, a good and restful holiday and look forward to meeting each and every member who partake in all the various activities of our country club in the future.

Warmest wishes
Tony Berlowitz
KCC President