Dress Code

Members are reminded that they and their guests should at all times be dressed suitably.

  • MENS Tab Sessions and internal competitions:
  • SHIRTS - any shirt with a collar.
  • TROUSERS - White long trousers or “over the knee” shorts with knee-length or anklet white socks.
  • SHOES - Any approved (ito JBA regulations) bowling shoes (no heels) in white or brown are acceptable. Open sandals without socks are acceptable.
  • HEADWEAR - Hats or caps.
  • RAINWEAR - Any white or navy blue rain jackets without advertising logos are acceptable.
  • WINTER WEAR - Club jerseys or plain white or navy blue knitted jerseys or cardigans with long or short sleeves. Pullover and button down jerseys and cardigans are available to members.
  • LADIES Tab sessions and internal competitions:
  • BLOUSES - Shirts with a collar.
  • TROUSERS - Plain white or navy blue trousers or three quarter or long shorts. Jeans, tracksuits and corduroy are excluded.
  • SHOES - White or brown bowling shoes with white socks approved ito JBA regulations are acceptable.
  • HEADWEAR - Club hats or caps or plain white or navy blue hats or caps.
  • RAINWEAR - As for men.
  • WINTER WEAR - As for men.

Outside Competition

All players must be dressed in the same uniforms. Players taking part in weekday games (not Wednesdays) may wear civvies but must comply with the footwear regulations. When there are outside tournaments being staged at the club on weekdays, the committee may request members playing weekday bowls to comply with the dress code detailed below.

  • MEN: Club shirt with white shorts or trousers
  • Women: Club shirt with white shorts or trousers