Join our Terrance Restaurant Loyalty Programme and earn points now!


Accumulating Your Credit

Hand your loyalty card in when settling the bill & the KCC staff member will swipe your card to accumulate points.

Redeeming Your Credit

To redeem your points, complete a redemption form at the KCC admin office.
Your points will be converted to credit on your KCC house account to be used at the club.
All loyalty credit must be redeemed within that calendar year onto your KCC house account.
Get a comprehensive statement at the KCC admin offices or login at the members login above.

Qualifying spend includes:
  • Golf rounds and all sports activities
  • Functions, Events & Conferencing
  • Food & Beverage at KCC’s Terrace Restaurant

Terms and Conditions

1. Killarney Country Club reserves the right to change any benefits.
2. Points will be lost if a member does not renew their membership.
3. Only one loyalty card may be swiped per purchase.
4. The points cannot be exchanged for cash.
5. This card or membership is not transferable.
6. Your birthday voucher can be redeemed only once, during the month of your birthday.
7. Points accumulated during any year can be redeemed anytime during that year.
8. Points accumulated in any year will be available for three years.
9. After three years, points earned but not yet redeemed will be expired.
10. A fee of R30 will be charged for the replacement of a lost or damaged card.