1903 Drinks Menu

By Killarney Country Club


Bees Knees
A delightful combination of gin, limoncello, and honey that is sure to create a buzz R90

The Queens Cup
Experience royalty with our strawberry gin, cucumber syrup, strawberry juice, lemon juice, and ginger ale twist on the classic Pimm’s cup R95

Dry Ginger Mule
Elevate your mule game with this elderflower and dry vermouth cocktail for a unique and refreshing twist R100

Italian Treat
Indulge in the flavors of Italy with this delightful gin and tonic that incorporates sweet vermouth and amaretto R115

Tequila Sunshine
Sip and smile all day long with this delicious blend of El Jimador Reposado, mango syrup, cranberry, lemon, and orange juice R105

Whiskey Sours
Enjoy the smooth and tangy flavors of an Irish whiskey, simple syrup, lemon juice, and egg white in this timeless cocktail R120

Summer Punch
A delightful and refreshing cocktail that packs a punch with whiskey, cranberry-cherry syrup, lemon juice, orange liqueur, and peach ice tea R125




1903 Lager
Size 330ml R35
Size 500ml R60

Bushcraft Gin & Tonic R65

Brandy on tap R42




Cannameister is a herbal aquavit liqueur made from over 50 different herbs, spices and African fruits, including CBD, that has been macerated for 4 weeks and matured in ex bourbon barrels to create its signature flavour and amber colour R30

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Step into the world of flavours at Killarney Country Club’s 1903 Lounge. Our cuisine menu merges innovation with tradition, inviting you to relish exquisite tastes. From crispy Halloumi to succulent Prawn Tails, our tapas are a delight. Indulge in wood-fired perfection with pizzas like the classic Margherita or the zesty Mexicana. Quick bites find a home in our Snack Baskets, offering a variety of flavours.

The drinks menu adds an artistic touch to mixology. Experience the buzz of Bees Knees or the Italian Treat’s gin and vermouth fusion. Signature drinks like Pakalolo and Bushcraft Gin & Tonic await. Don’t miss the Cannameister Liqueur, crafted from 50+ herbs, spices, and African fruits, including CBD.

Celebrate tradition and innovation in every bite and sip in our historic setting. Join us for a culinary journey that paints a picture of taste. Explore our menus to start your experience.

1903 Cuisine Menu


1903 Cuisine Menu


1903 Drinks Menu


1903 Drinks Menu

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1903 Lounge

A tribute to tradition and a glimpse of the future! Step into our newest addition, 1903, a bar and entertainment venue nestled within Killarney Country Club’s beautiful grounds. Celebrating our rich heritage on our 120th anniversary, 1903 seamlessly blends timeless elegance with a modern, multi-faceted space that promises to be your new favourite hangout spot. From quick morning coffees to laid-back garden lunches with friends or vibrant nights of fun and entertainment, 1903 has you covered. Embrace the inviting ambiance and savour memorable moments at our bar and entertainment venue, where cherished traditions meet exciting possibilities.

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